Cibo is the way to go!

Finally, I’ve found a great restaurant in Owings Mills!  I was talking with one of my former colleagues at SunTrust who also resides in Owings Mills back in December about the difficulty in finding a good place to eat in Owings Mills.  When I first moved to Owings Mills in September, I was going out to restaurants in Towson and in the city because of the slim pickins in Owings Mills.  My former colleague recommended Cibo Grille (pronounced chee-boh).  I checked out the website  and was attracted to the happy hour specials and menu selection. 

I was talking it up with one of my dearest friends who lives right across the street from me and I got her hooked too!  We’ve been talking about going to Cibo for about 3 months.  Finally, we made our venture to the lovely restaurant located right off Painters Mill Rd.  I went last Thursday night and the bar area was definitely packed with  couples and your fair share of young professionals who wanted to unwind after a long day.  They have great happy hour specials on Sundays through Thursdays from 3:45 – 6:45. 

When I went last Thursday night, they had $5 martinis.  To celebrate my 6 month anniversary at Collegetown, I indulged myself in an Island Martini (and boy did I indulge!)  The martini had the appropriate balance of vodka and juices to create a sophisticated, yet not overwhelming taste.  The servers are great and are there to make great suggestions for the first time visitor.  After our first round, we wanted to stray from our first selection and try something different.  Our server recommended the South Beach Martini.  Once again, Cibo can do no wrong! 

Obviously, we wanted to try some of the entrees they had to offer.  I wasn’t super hungry after my Rita’s run earlier that day, but I definitely wanted to try something.  As a vegetarian, I had plenty of options to choose from, and in the end I selected Cheese Quesadilla.  They serve up a generous portion considering it’s an appetizer along with great tasting guacamole, sour cream, and a spicy pico de gallo. 

Cibo Grille is definitely a nice restaurant so don’t show up in your latest sweats from Abercrombie or Express.  You can definitely go casual, but spice it up and go dressy casual.  The prices are definitely reasonable across the board and this is a place where you can  enjoy with a group of friends on a Friday night or with that special someone 🙂

After my experience, I’m definitely going to be a frequent visitor!  For a full list of their menu and specials, check out their website:

For these reasons, Cibo (chee-boh) is the way to go!

 Signing off……

– Ankur   


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