Happy Hour at the Greene Turtle in Towson

Yesterday was the 6-month anniversary of having a full staff here at Collegetown so we decided we needed to celebrate! We braved the pouring rain and ventured out to The Greene Turtle in Towson for a fun and relaxing happy hour celebration.

 We got lucky with it being Spring Break as the place was not too crowded and we were able to get bar seats. This also allowed us to give the place a good once-over to see how it was set-up. We loved the old school arcade games in the corner, and it is definitely a nice perk to have a TV at every booth table. The atmosphere seemed fun, and even though it was a little slow on this rainy vacation day, we could easily see how the flow of entertainment and drinks would go, and the overall set-up seemed conducive to a great party atmosphere. Our only complaint was that the TVs at the bar were poorly positioned for anyone sitting at the counter to be able to get a good view of the game.

The food was definitely impressive. Not expecting much out of happy hour fare, we were pleasantly surprised when we found our appetizers to be so delicious that we devoured every last bite. The spinach and artichoke dip was perfectly seasoned – not so watery and soggy that you end up feeling gross and not so dry and chunky that you feel like you’re eating hunks of artichoke – and the addition of grated parmesan and tomatoes were a perfect compliment to the dish. The “custom” tortilla chips that accompanied the dip were also satisfying (though we would have liked them to be a bit more salty) and were hearty enough to handle the hefty dipping strain we put them under. The nachos were equally as delicious as they were smothered in hot cheese and peppers. (and if you’re not a huge fan of peppers, don’t worry – they easily come off without you having to scrape them out of the cheese) Not overwhelmingly messy, the nachos were also a great happy hour treat and we gobbled up every last chip.

The prices at happy hour were great. With $2 dommestics and half-priced appetizers, you really can’t go wrong, and you won’t have to break your budget to enjoy a chat with your co-workers. Though the portions of the appetizers were a bit small, (making it hard to share with someone) we definitely thought we got way more than our money’s worth. And you won’t find $2 beer prices at many places these days so it’s absolutely something you should take advantage of.

 The Towson Greene Turtle impressed us enough that we will definiteley be back. Perhaps on our next anniversary we can try one of their 13 signature burgers the bartender kept raving about.


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