Happy Hour at Don Pablo’s

One of our friends recently won an office Happy Hour to Don Pablo’s, so on our day off we headed over to check it out. And 3 hours later we had to pull ourselves away from a great time.

Probably the best part of the happy hour was that we won it – so we got 60 free tacos. Yes, 60! That’s a lot of tacos! We preferred the chicken ones, as the seasoning in our beef tacos was a little too intense for our tastebuds. But each kind of taco was amazing in the fact that they were stuffed to the brim with meat, cheese, lettuce, and tomatoes, and were twice the size of those you’d find in your local fast food version. (Pretty much we were full after 2, but with 60 coming we decided we could pig out on more.)

We also got discounts on draft beers and their famous Pabloritas. These are their signature margaritas, that were pretty much some of the best margaritas we’ve had in a while. They were a little weaker than we would’ve liked, but we figured since we were a group of college students they made an executive decision to go light on us. We tried a few other varieties as well, and they were perfectly blended, making them more like frozen smoothies than the watered-down drinks that take the taste away.

Even without the free food, we think this happy hour would’ve been a great time, as the atmosphere of the whole restaurant is lively and upbeat. The servers even get in on the fun with you and aren’t afraid to sit at your table and talk awhile. With discounted margaritas (we’re talking $3 here) and drafts, paying full price for their over-stuffed tacos and gooey and delicious enchiladas, might be worth it. Don Pablo’s is definitely a place we will be frequenting for happy hour more often. (And who knows? If you drop off your business card, you may just get yourself some free tacos too!)


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