The Vagina Monologues at UB – a funny, yet informative night!

A couple weeks back, I was tabling at the University of Baltimore’s Student Life Expo and I had the pleasure of talking to the Director of the Diversity Office, Karla Shepard, about their upcoming events.  She gave me a flyer for Eve Ensler’s “The Vagina Monologues.”  Initially, I was a little skeptical and I was thinking “OK Cool…I’ll see if I can come!”  Then, I started thinking about it and I said to myself anyone I’ve spoken to that has seen the production truly enjoyed themselves.  So, I decided hey why not…go for it!  Tickets were definitely affordable – $5 for students, and $15 for non-students.  Not to mention, the proceeds from the show benefit V-day and the House of Ruth – both are great organizations!

It was a packed house in the University of Baltimore’s Performing Arts Theater on the night of February 15th.  There were definitely people from all age groups – students, UB staff, and family members rooting on the cast.  The show started a few minutes past the scheduled 8 PM time, but hey that’s show business!  The UB theater events coordinator started off with a brief introduction and a THANK YOU for attending.  The cast members in the production consisted of UB staff, faculty, as well as students who joined forces to put on a great production. 

The various monologues definitely tackled some important issues such as female genital mutilation in some African countries in the monologue “The Not-So-Happy Vagina Fact”  It was definitely graphic at times and a little too hard to handle, but then I was thinking about the girls who have to actually go through that experience – that’s hard to handle! Then there were obviously your comedic moments where you just had to burst out laughing.   There were definitely some jawdropping moments where I was thinking in my head “OMG, Oh no she didn’ttt!….Oh but she did!” One of the funniest monologues of the night was “My Angry Vagina” where the cast members were verbalizing what their vaginas would say if they could talk.  The showstopper of the night was the final monologue, “Wetlands.”  The bring it on home moment was when the various cast members shared how women of various ethnicities sound when they are about to orgasm.  Yeah, that was interesting and hysterical at the same time.  I was definitely laughing for a good three minutes straight during that monologue. 

The show lasted a little bit over an hour – I was out of there by 9:15.  Overall, a fun night!  Laughed and learned quite a bit.  UB is having a comedy show on March 7th @ 7:30 called “Allah Made Me Funny.”  That is definitely a must see! 

<For more information on V-Day or the House of Ruth, please check out their websites: and

That’s all for now, but don’t worry you’ll be hearing from me soon…..

This is Ankur…signing off…

Have a great day everyone!


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