College Night at Centerstage!

This Thursday was College Night at Centerstage. It is the tradition of Centerstage to hold a College Night on the first Thursday showing of every production. For just $15 students get access to a show that normally runs them about $40, free food and drink (including beer and wine if of age), and various entertainment related to the show’s theme. Oh and then there’s the chance to win cool prizes.

This month’s College Night was for the show “Rosencrantz and Guildernstern are Dead.” This is a hilarious satirical show about two characters whose deaths played a pivotal role in how “Hamlet” turned out. This production answers the questions of what really happened to the two travelers who were just carrying out their duties. How did it all go down? Do you think they knew they were walking into a trap? What happened to them along the way? The current show at Centerstage gives a hilarious backstory to two of Shakespeare’s most undefined and misunderstood characters and keeps the audience entertained from curtain to curtain.

This College Night was a huge hit! With more students than we’ve seen at previous College Nights, the event was a great chance for students from different campuses to get to know each other. Delicious food was graciously donated by Gertrude’s (which was featured as a great place to eat by the one and only Rachael Ray) and there was enough to last for even those late stragglers who made it just before curtain. There were also great raffles with prizes ranging from theatre tickets to discounts at Howl at the Moon, and even an iTunes gift card!

The entertainment for this College Night was the Baltimore Improv Group. We had always heard how funny they were and we were very excited for their performance. They did a sketch routine called “Ice Cream Social” which involved different skits being played out by the performers on different topics which eventually intertwined and resulted in a final scene with all the players involved. (It’s not as complex as it sounds.) Well everything we had heard about them was true – they are very funny and witty, and kept all the audience members entertained. Though we didn’t understand exactly what was going on in every scene (we felt a little age gap) the performers were very clever and would definitely be worth seeing again.

So with free food, great entertainment, cool prizes, and discounted tickets to see a good show and get your culture on, College Night at Centerstage is a must try event. (And it’s a great chance to catch up with Collegetown as we attend as well!) 


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