Lunch at Panera Bread

This weekend we decided to brave the cold weather and take a trip out to the local Panera Bread at Arundel Mills. If you’ve never been to Panera, you are definitely missing out!

The food at Panera is delicious to say the least. With fresh sandwiches made when you order, and a list of creative salad choices that offers something for everyone, Panera offers yummy food at a reasonable price. Our favorite menu item is the “U-pick-2” option. This is where you can pick two menu items to make up your meal. You can get a bowl of soup and a salad, or a half a sandwich and either soup or salad. And there is no limit to the amount of choices available. Any menu item is available for selection. And every menu item comes with a choice of side. (It’s nice to have choices every once in awhile.) With so many options, you actually feel like you’re being healthy as you can partner a filling salad with a whole grain baquette, or an apple and green tea. (Dont’ worry – they still offer sodas for us caffeine junkies.) We love almost all the food at Panera, and every time we go, we get to enjoy something new as they are constantly expanding their menu options.

But perhaps the best part of Panera is that it is “fast food.” There is no waiting for a waitress to take your order, or waiting for a hostess to find you a seat, and then being disappointed your booth is right next to the kitchen. Here you quickly place your order, get your food, and then get to pick your own seat. But there’s no greasy fries, or small menu options you sometimes get from the more traditional fast food restaurants either. (Though we love our late-night runs to these spots, it’s nice to sometimes eat a little better when we go out.) There are so many hearty and healthy options at Panera that you don’t feel like you’re eating fast food, but as you get your meal in just a few minutes without the fine dining wait, you truly are getting the best of both worlds.


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