Legwarmers Concert at Ram’s Head Live!

PowerPlant Live! is one of the great features of Baltimore’s Inner Harbor area. And though we had always heard of the great concerts and unique venue structure of Ram’s Head Live! we had never actually mustered up the courage to attend a concert there. Well when the hit 80’s cover band “The Legwarmers” came to town and all our local friends were clammoring to go we decided we should finally take the leap and give this whole concert at the Inner Harbor thing a chance. And boy are we glad we did!

Not only were “The Legwarmers” awesome, the venue itself blew us away. At this concert hall there really is “no bad seat in the house.” Sure, you could get stuck in the crowd behind a 6 foot 2 guy with a hat on, (and with our heights averaging somewhere at 5 foot 5 this really would block most of our view) but for the most part everyone has a clear view right to center stage. And where in the bigger concert arenas you can’t tell if the two-inch tall performers are dancing or simply raising their hand, at Ram’s Head you are super close to the performers and can even see the details on their outfits. We stood in the back level and we still felt like the group was singing right to us! The stage is surprisingly large for the size of the venue, giving the performers ample room to dance around and really put on a show for everyone in attendance. And drink sizes are great as well! Normally you pay $6 for a mixed drink that is nothing more than a dixie cup in size. At Ram’s Head you get a drink that will actually take you a long time to consume.

 “The Legwarmers” themselves were a pleasant surprise as well! Not being teenagers in the 80’s, we were skeptical about how entertaining a concert by an 80’s cover band could truly be. But the group kept us entertained, playing mostly hit songs that even we knew all the words to. And even the ones we didn’t know we were able to rock to as the band chose hits with great pop beats that everyone could dance to. The entire group donned outifts straight out of the 80’s, with crimped hair, skinny jeans, zoot suits, and those ripped fishnet stockings. And at intermission, not only did they change into new 80’s get-ups, but they came down into the audience to take pictures with the crowd and sign autographs! You won’t have that experience at many other concerts. Perhaps the best part of the show is that the entire audience donned 80’s trends as well! Surrounded by people with side ponytails, and mullet wigs (and even one guy in a complete KISS outfit – makeup and all) made the experience unforgettable! 

After that concert, we will definitely be back!


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