Cafe Hon

Located on “The Avenue” in Hampden, Cafe Hon has gained local recognition, and its name alone screams “Baltimore.” Yesterday we ventured out to see if it really could live up to the hype.

You can’t miss the giant pink flamingo beckoning you in from the streets. But once inside you are greeted by another impressive figure – a 5-foot Elvis statue! Right inside the doors is a little Cafe Hon shop where you can purchase “Hon” memorabilia and other odds and ends to remind you of the Baltimore town. The decor in Cafe Hon definitely lived up to its reputation as the walls are covered in kitschy items including an entire shelf of funky teapots. Adorning the window where we sat were hanging feather boa disco balls – something very hard to imagine if you don’t see them for yourself. The colors are vibrant and lively and everything about the Cafe just exudes the quintessential Baltimore flare.

Now for the food. All we can say is yumm! The burgers were excellent as were their grilled sandwiches. Warm and yummy, and as everything is hand-made, the food seems fresher than an average fast food excursion and the serving sizes are hearty, leaving us feeling full and satisfied. Though a little disappointed with the accompanying potato chips instead of fries, overall the meal was successful. However, if you’re a health nut, this might not be the best place to go. Sure, they do have salads that looked very delicious, but a lot of items are buttered before grilled, and any bacon ordered is the real kind, full of grease. (Sooo delicious, but probably not good for you.) And if you are looking for a quick meal on the go you might want to stick to the fast food joints. As everything is made to order, the meals take a little longer arriving. But after just one taste we thought the wait was worth it.

The atmosphere itself would keep us coming back for more – if just to look at Elvis or visit the cute  shop. But the food will make you stay and who doesn’t like looking at cute knick-knacks from Baltimore while enjoying a meal?


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