Howl at the Moon!

So this weekend we ventured out to one of our favorite Baltimore HotSpots – PowerPlant Live! But we decided to go somewhere different. We headed over to Howl at the Moon, the piano bar located right next to Ram’s Head.

We had a great time! They advertise that patrons should prepare themselves for audience participation and a night of dueling pianos, and they are not lying. From the moment we walked in the door we were involved in the night’s show as the piano players annouce everyone’s arrival. The show involves audience members requesting songs that the players then sing and ask audience members to sing along with them. As Saturday was the night of the Army-Navy game, our show included dueling military fight songs, as the Army song would be requested, and then the Navy song would have a greater monetary amount put down and they would switch to the Navy song and then back again. 

The bar also features a white board where patrons can pay to write anything they want and have it up for the whole crowd to see until someone outbids them and replaces what they have written. And if you plan on coming to this bar, you better shake off your stage fright. Multiple audience contests, including a Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes contest that we participated in (and failed miserably at) take over the stage, and you can even request to play a song with the performers. The songs played are ones everyone knows, including classic 80’s rock anthems, the YMCA, country favorites, and those catchy indie songs that you know every word to and you don’t know why.

Our only complaint was how pricey the night can become. If you can get in with a Happy Hour party special you can skip the pricey cover and get 2 $1 drinks. Otherwise prepare to spend more than you would at an average club. Song requests can be made for as little as $1, but the more money you put in the more likely they are to play your song. And once Happy Hour is over drinks can get pricey. But the one positive is that the bar is packed enough that the show will be just as entertaining if you let everyone else put in song requests while you keep your cash and just sing-along to some classic tunes.  


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