Our First trip to Qdoba!

So today we ventured out to Towson’s Qdoba. This is a mexican restaurant that we had always heard of but never been brave enough to try. It was always so much easier going to the more well-known Chipotle or Taco Bell. But boy were we missing out!

 The food was delicious! The chicken quesadillas were actually stuffed with meat and cheese, instead of those flimsy things you get at Taco Bell. And quacamole and sour cream were added at no fee! And there was a lot of quac and sour cream, not just a little clump that the restaurants expect you to make last through the whole meal. The chicken was meaty, and not fatty or stringy either. The Taco Salad was equally as scrumptious with its heaping portion size and great flavor combination. Though the burritos were good, they seemed nothing special, but the prices are soo cheap and you get a lot of food for a small price. And our personal favorite part is that Qdoba offers Fanta at the drink station! Yumm Fanta!


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